What Is NFT Lotto?

This is where all NFT games meet in one place, it’s what NFT lotto is all about! We have NFT competitions and NFT lotto games. Here you can play your favorite games and win NFT rewards.

Join one of the biggest online lottery communities and earn new NFTs or complete your collection with missing items. Check out all the possible ways of winning and don’t forget to have fun!

Your Online Tool for NFT Win

You have the opportunity to participate in our NFT competitions and win blue-chip NFTs, just by buying NFT tickets. The NFT winner will be announced here as soon as the competition is drawn. Winners will be picked algorithmically, which makes everything transparent within the blockchain.

However, this site is so much more, you are not just participating to win NFTs, we also donate a percentage of the profit to charitable organizations. So, for every click, more money goes to our charity partners.

Our Features

We have developed software for NFT sweepstakes that makes your time spent here even more enjoyable. It has many features that will help you select appropriate games, modify the appearance, or choose the way you enter a lottery – by betting an NFT, buying NFT tickets, or playing with real money.

Types of Lotteries

We offer you a wide variety of games, so you can choose the one that you like most or just shift to another game when you want a change. Check NFT win for the available lotteries and play today!

Types of Games

Would you like to have the opportunity to win as much as possible? We know you would! This is why we have prepared many types of competitions under “NFT contests” together with other lotteries. Check out what we have to offer and find your favorite game.

Charitable Projects

We are also trying to help those in need so we have organized charitable projects and partnerships with which you can participate. We will donate part of the profits from this site and if you would like to help a specific charity, check the charity lotteries on our website.

Types of NFT Lotteries You Can Join

Everyone wants to have the chance to own a rare NFT, which is not only one of a kind but can also be extremely costly. But rest assured, you're in the right place! You can join our NFT lotto and win a huge range of different prizes including NFTs!

Win Rare NFTs With Our Lottery

Our NFT lottery tickets provide not only a chance to win great NFTs, but the ticket itself is a prize! If you enter one of our draws or purchase an NFT on our site, you go into the draw for another round, so you effectively double your win!

Our regular competitions have a huge range of popular NFTs as prizes, our tickets themselves are also NFTs so you also become the holder not only of the NFT win itself, but also the winning NFT ticket becomes an exclusive prize for collectors.

Donate and Get the Chance to Win a Prize

We believe that every business should step in and give something back to its people. That is why we decided to focus our project on creating many competitions and lotteries, that are charity-based. You can get involved with different causes or donate to one you find closer to your heart. To thank you for that donation we are giving you the opportunity to win rare NFTs, it's very much a win-win.

Types of NFT Competitions

For people who want variety, we have many types of NFT competitions to choose from. The price of the ticket will vary between competitions, related to the value of the prizes. We will have NFTs like CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, digital land from metaverses, utility NFTs, art pieces from artists like Beeple, PAK and much more.

Artists Competition

We really aim to encourage emerging artists and we will have competitions for artists to present their work and sell their artwork as a prize in our draw. We will have a voting phase, in which the community will choose the NFT that is going to be given away in the next lottery. The artists will be paid automatically when the draw ends.

Charity Competition

A percentage of each NFT ticket you buy to participate in the competition will go directly to charities. Each draw has a different connected charity, and you can always see how much is donated from each competition as everything is transparent and secured on the blockchain.

Our Team

We are proud to be among the first in the NFT ecosystem to give back a significant part of our profit to charities. We believe sharing is caring and vice versa.

We are a small team with an enormous number of ideas and projects. We are happy to host you in enjoying our games. Our team would very much like all of you to be able to win, but wouldn’t that defeat the fun of it? ;)

Good luck to you all!

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